SO What Factor

Asking ‘SO What?’ helps our teams to delve deeper in order to get to the best possible answers to business challenges. This positive questioning enables our clients to make what we call “Precision Decisions” about their marketing communications.


Competitive Spirit – we like to win, for our clients and our people.

SO What do we need to do to succeed, in an ethical manner?

Perpetual Curiosity – an inquisitive nature keeps us interested, enthused and inspired to constantly learn more about our clients and marketplace.  

SO What questions will yield the best answers for our clients?

Inspirational Ideas – breakthrough thinking that is strategic, creative and practical.  We like data driven solutions that also connect with people on an emotional level.  

SO What new ideas will help our clients build better relationships with their stakeholders

Personal Pride – old-fashioned to some, but we still get a buzz from producing high quality work that makes us and our clients proud.

SO What can we do to make the output live up to our input?

People Potential – caring for our employees and those in the community is not just the right thing to do; it’s good for business and for society.  We create opportunities for people to be happy and thrive.

SO What support is needed to empower our people to succeed?