SO What about us?

Our focus is health and wellbeing. Our agencies’ expertise spasn everything from promoting healthier lifestyles to consumer healthcare to high science communications.

Wellbeing is no longer just the absence of illness – people want to live stronger and longer. 

From bio to brands, we understand both the mindset and markets that will help clients including high science pharma and consumer facing brands.    

Science, whether that be biology, chemistry or the ‘science of life’, is at the heart of what we do – we use science to find brands their SO What factor.

At SO, our work is underpinned by relationships – with clients, opinion leaders and ultimately consumers. The world seems to measure success today in ‘connections’, ‘friends’ and ‘likes’. Our premise: what really matters in business are relationshipsThose based on understanding, trust and ultimately, advocacy. Effective and long term engagement…with consumers, physicians, experts, advocacy, and patients, is at the core of our campaigns and communications.

Brand RelationSHIFT: The team at SO Healthy has developed a process called ‘RelationSHIFT’ to help define where you are in terms of reputation and then create a pathway that moves you closer to the relationships that you want to have with your stakeholders.

And our overall goal? Changing behaviour. Using the right channels, the right influencers and the right messages to not only inform but empower and motivate consumers to change their behaviour for the better.

There are no forced synergies between our agencies – what brings us together is natural. It’s a desire to make an impact for our clients in a liberated environment with streamlined decision-making.  More importantly, we love to see our campaigns and clients flourish.